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My name is Eva and I am a resin artist. I make sterling silver and silver plated jewellery as well as memorial jewellery and keepsakes. I collect my own flowers and dry them to then use in my jewellery. Nature is my biggest inspiration❤️ I found my love for resin a long time ago but thanks to the lockdown I finally  had the time and necessary financial resources to really get stuck in! I started experimenting with UV resin and quickly got addicted, it was easy and quick to make things and results were almost instant but...after a couple of months all my pieces were yellowing so I started experimenting with the "real stuff". I have tried a few different types of epoxy and each had its pros and cons. Then I came across craft resin and it was a real game changer! Quick curing time, no odour, very little bubbles and heat resistant! I have been using it ever since ❤️ You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Forget me not by Eva. 
Tags: Artists

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Hi, do I need to use a respirator with this resin? Thanks

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